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Evenita Claims Van & Charmaine Had Sex While In Las Vegas

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A new week, more drama in 9Mag, well the old shop that is. Lily is gone, but an old face reemerges to bring Van stress he doesn’t need in his life.

The episode kicks off with Ryan sitting down with representatives of the Chicago White Sox baseball team. Ryan’s shop was chosen by the organization to provide free tattoo’s to thirty fans. The tattoo shop owner and his employees are up for the task and knock out the work. No shade but they did more tattoos in one day than Ceaser, and his crew has done in an entire season.

We learned last week that Charmaine misses her brothers and her job at 9Mag. After Van informs her that Lily is no longer employed by the shop, she decides to pay her bros a visit. Charmaine and her headlights are excited to learn that her nemesis no longer works for 9Mag, so she asks Van for her job back, and he agrees to bring her back. There is just one condition, Charmaine has to start producing results as a celebrity concierge and start bringing in celeb clientele.

Speaking of Lily, the former 9Mag employee links up with her homie Bella. Last time we saw the fired tattoo artist she got a health scare while visiting the doctor and she kicked the camera crew out. Lily informs us a little bit on her situation claiming she is glad she went to the doctor but admits she has a lot of stuff to sort out.

Lily also informs her buddy that she invited Van’s former “apprentice” — who she even got into a fight with — Evenita. Despite fighting last season at a tattoo convention, the two find common ground with Evenita apologizing. While dissing Van’s manhood size, Evenita drops the bombshell that she heard Van and Charmaine having sex when they were all in Vegas.

Staying on the subject of Van, he is very excited at the idea of his daughter Briana going to college. During a visit to Northern Illinois University’s campus, she drops the bombshell on him that she wants to enlist in the National Guard before she goes to school. Van is not happy to hear that but knows its not his decision to make.

Don wants to give Ashley the million-dollar wedding she deserves after losing out her dream home because simply they ain’t got it. He takes his son to go pick out a new ring to propose with. Instead of one, Don picks out two so for Ashley to choose from. He also reveals he wants to take her to Africa for a redo wedding to renew their vows. Chances are high that some drama will happen again just like the last time.

Another touching moment in the episode involved T.I’s niece who flew all the way to Chicago to get a portrait tattoo done by Van. Clearly, she hasn’t been watching any of the previous episodes. If she did, she would know that he just got the shop sued because of struggle tattoo he did and landed a man in the hospital because his tat became infected. Regardless, he still finished the portrait tattoo of T.I’s sister late sister Precious on his niece’s arm, and she liked it.

Finally, it’s party time, and the old 9Mag crew gets together to celebrate the return of Charmaine. Makes you wonder how long was she gone, it definitely didn’t seem like that long enough to warrant a party. Anyway, things are going smoothly until Evenita, and a friend walks in the party immediately affecting the mood. Charmaine being the instigator she calls out Van’s loud ass girlfriend Jenn to let her know Evenita is in the building.

Van manages to get Evenita to leave before a physical fight breaks out. Bella, who claimed she wouldn’t tell Van and Charmaine the rumor she heard about them for some reason screams it out. Everyone is stunned, but at the same time, don’t really know what to believe. Van and Charmaine flat out deny anything happened in Vegas.

We have a strange feeling this will pop back up again. As you can imagine Black Ink Crew: Chicago viewers had thoughts. You can view them all in the gallery below.

Photo:  Steve Zak Photography / Getty