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Snoop pic of Dr. Dre and Kanye West

Source: Snoop Dogg / Instagram

Snoop Dogg may be blessing fans with a new collaboration with Dr. Dre and Kanye West, but the project has left some fans calling the Cali legend out.

On Sunday (Jun 28), Snoop Dogg took to Instagram to share news that he was in a studio session with Kanye West and Dr. Dre over the weekend, presumably to work on the highly anticipated sequel to Jesus Is King, which Kanye recently confirmed is coming soon. In the video, Snoop gives fans a preview before noting that the music he was previewing was from Kanye.

“Kanye West got some hot music. Shhhhh. Kanye West got some hot shit. Only I can get exclusive footage,” Snoop said. “Shut up. Motherf*cker. Kanye West got some hot shit. It’s finna come out. Dr. Dre touched dat.”

After setting the internet ablaze with the snippet, Snoop posted another picture of himself in studio with Dr. Dre with the caption, “Bac2gether again 🎧🤜🏾🔥💯🎙,” prompting rumors tha Dr. Dre was finally working on his highly anticipated and long awaited album, Detox.

Although the news of Snoop being back in studio left the majority of fans rejoicing, some took to Twitter to call the Long Beach OG out for his hypocrisy of working with Kanye, who he trolled and called out for his political views and support of Donald Trump, after calling for a boycott of the rapper.

In 2018 during an interview with VLAD, Snoop Dogg expressed his strong feelings toward Trump supporters, which included Kanye. “If you like that n***a, you’re motherf*cking racist,” Snoop exclaimed. “F*ck you and f*ck him…Kanye too, n***a, don’t forget about him too, f*ck you too! Throw him in the bag ’cause he right with them motherf*ckers.”

Although it appears that Snoop has put his political differences to the side, Twitter wasn’t so forgiving after fans began calling out Snoop for the hypocrisy for working with him.

“F*ck snoop dogg,” one fan wrote. “He’s the biggest hypocrite. He was talking all bad about Kanye when he was wearing MAGA hats now he’s in the Stu with him? Lame as hell.”

While Snoop has yet to respond to the backlash, he did take time to address his feelings about Kanye and his political views, noting that he doesn’t “hate” Ye’, just the system that “uses him.”

“It’s not me being mad at him,” he specified, “it’s me being mad at the system for using him, and he not having the smart people around him to see that.”

Check out what fans had to say below.