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OG 'Blue's Clues' Host Steve Burns Returns With Tear-Inducing Message

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Add good ole Steve from Blue’s Clues speaking directly to us to the list of things we didn’t know we needed in our lives.

Undoubtedly, 2020 and so far 2021 continue to throw curveballs at us, whether it is more variants of COVID-19, superstorms, or sudden celebrity deaths.  Tuesday (Sep.7), a familiar face from our childhood, decided it was a good time to directly speak to us and let us know that we were doing okay despite things.

It’s no secret the world was thrown for a loop when Steve Burns from Nick Jr.’s hit show Blue’s Clues suddenly left, leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of kids around the globe. He decided now would be the perfect time to explain that he had to dip on us to head to college and at the same time give us a reason to shed a tear and even smile in a 2-minute video shared on the network’s official Twitter account celebrating Blue’s Clues 25th anniversary.

Prepare yourself. This will have you in your feels.

The video has been retweeted over 500K times and garnered over a million likes, has EVERYONE in their feelings.

Burns first captivated our hearts and the imaginations of children when he brought the role to television in 1996 before departing and handing off hosting duties to “Joe,” portrayed by Donovan Patton, in 2002. The show lasted with Patton as the host until 2006, when it went off the air.

Like everything lately, Nick Jr. decided to reboot the show bringing it back in 2019 as Blue’s Clues & You! with Josh Dela Cruz as host. Both Burns and Patton appeared in the premiere alongside Dela Cruz, and Burns was still directly involved in writing and directing some episodes. 

To further tug on our heartstrings, Nick Jr. decided to bring all three of Blue’s Clues hosts together, confirming a bromance we didn’t know we needed to see.

We want to say thank you, Steve. The world definitely needed to hear your words during these trying times.
You can peep more reactions to Steve’s video in the gallery below.
Photo: Jeff Kravitz / Getty


Yes, we do. 


We feel you. 






Also accurate. 



We needed it. 


All is forgiven.