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'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League' Is A Flop, X Says Duh

Source: WB Games / Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

Warner Bros. Discovery admitted what we already knew: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League flopped.

Spotted on IGN, Warner Bros. Discovery came clean about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League and how it missed the mark since its Feb.2 launch during an earnings call.

Per IGN:

Speaking during a financial call, Warner Bros. Discovery Chief Financial Officer, Gunnar Wiedenfels, admitted Rocksteady’s game hadn’t done the business the company had hoped for since going on sale on February 2 priced $70, saying it had “fallen short of our expectations.”

The company did not share the exact sales figures for the game but did admit that its failure made it a “tough year” for Warner Bros. Discovery game’s business regarding year-to-year comparisons.

While everyone in the video games industry saw the writing on the wall following that disastrous PlayStation State of Play presentation that eventually led to the game being delayed till Feb.2, Warner Bros. Discovery was hoping it could repeat the success of Hogwarts Legacy, which was the best selling game of 2023.

Well, they were wrong.

Since its launch, the live-service action looter shooter peaked at 13,459 concurrent players on Steam; that number has nosedived since.

At the time of IGN’s reporting, only 480 people were playing the game, with a 24-hour peak at 888.

Regardless of how you felt about this game since its first announcement, this news sucks. We were rooting for this game to win because no one should be out here actively hoping for a studio, especially Rocksteady Games, to drop a terrible game.

Damn, you hate to see it.

You can see more reactions to the very obvious news about Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League in the gallery below.

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