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'Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League' Reactions Are Pouring In

Source: WB Games / Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League

After numerous delays, Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League is here, and it is probably shaping up to be the most polarizing video game of the year.

The road leading up to the Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League’s release has been a very rocky one, but we are finally here. Rocksteady Games, best known for its fantastic Batman Arkhamverse franchise, has tried convincing people that its live service /looter shooter game will be worth your time.

But that has been a hard sell since fans found out the game will not be in the same vain as the Arkham games, altogether abandoning those mechanics that made those Batman games great for a game that looks like you will just be shooting at stuff, specifically purple orbs and baddies infected by Brainiac.

The game had its wig pushed back severely after a disastrous State of Play livestream that left gamers with a sour taste and extremely worried if this game would be a disaster.

We finally made it to launch week, and those still eager to become Task Force X and kill Earth’s mightiest heroes confidently dropped $100 to play the game early, only to see Rocksteady shut down the servers to fix a bug. 

There is also the snafu of IGN revealing that WB Games would not be sending a review code for the game. WB Games said it was not sending out review codes to any outlets till after the game comes out, but IGN revealed that WB Games told them they would not be getting a code, period, and they believe it’s all due to a very negative preview.

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League. Is it a 4 out of 5 Game?

Review codes were distributed, $100 deluxe editions were purchased, the game has been played, and reviews from outlets are slowly rolling in.

As of this writing, there are two reviews for the game out in the wild, and both are surprisingly very positive.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a much better game than the marketing would have you believe. It’s enjoyable both alone or with friends, and it’s the best DC story in a game since the last time Rocksteady was in town,” VGC’s Jordan Middler said in his review, giving the game 4 out of 5 stars.

He continues, “The mission repetitiveness and the strange decisions around loot are definite downsides, but this is not the story of a once-great single-player studio being destroyed by live-service guff we feared. The writing is great, and the humour (if you have room left in your life for banter) is enjoyable. The game is absolutely gorgeous, with facial animations that are as good,  if not better, than literally anything else on console to date.”

Adding, “The live service elements that remain are a shame, but otherwise, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is an enjoyable and worthwhile experience that brings Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse to a close in style.”

Excellent Gameplay & Having Patience

Jesse’ Doncabesa’ Norris gave Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League a solid 8.2 in his review for Xbox Era, saying the game “looks Incredible,” has “fantastic gameplay” and “excellent writing,” plus a “great loot/gear setup.”

His biggest cons with the game are the “limited mission variety” and it being an “only online server game,” meaning if it goes down, you won’t be able to play.

“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has overcome a rough pre-launch time after multiple delays. While the objectives can feel repetitive the excellent gameplay never does. This review will be out of date after a month or two because this is a live-service assed live-service game. For fans of Destiny, The Division, and all the loot-focused games-as-a-service titles, this is a damned good one at launch. We’ll see if they can continue to grow and improve it over time,” Norris wrote to sum up his experience with the game.

What Are The Gamers Saying?

Those who coughed up $100 bucks to play early also seem to be enjoying the game, while some are cautiously optimistic.

“The more I play of Suicide Squad, the more the discourse surrounding it reminds me of Hogwarts Legacy, where a good game was bogged down by petty journos and other people who didn’t actually play it. If you’re a fan of the Arkhamverse or Destiny, you will at least like this game,” one user on X, formerly Twitter, wrote. 

Gamertag Radio and Kinda Funny Xcast’s Parris Lilly said, “Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League is a visual showcase on PC And while I think criticism of enemy encounters being repetitive and gunplay being virtually the same across all 4 characters is valid, I still find myself having fun, how long that lasts is TBD However you feel about the game, it will be polarizing.”

We are still intrigued to try this game ourselves before we cast aspersions on it. You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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