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Tory Lanez remains a thing for all the reasons we’re still trying to figure out despite the allegations that continue to dog him and his flippant attitude toward the whole ordeal. Adding to his list of acts one could deem unsavory, the height-challenged Canadian crooner launched a petition to, quote, “KEEP OUR BLACK MEN ON COACHELLA.”

On Monday, Lanez tweeted, “Protect [B]lack men” in vague fashion but it appears he was gearing up for his next big act, which followed on Tuesday afternoon (March 22).

“I Just made this …. because someone has to …,” Lanez tweeted, complete with a trio of Black power fist emojis. The tweet was in support of the petition, and the description can be viewed below.


We are watching the industry and fake cancel culture remove all of our legendary black men , black celebrities and black moguls …..from festivals , from our culture and from our lives … and it starts with us …. we must make a change .. so we can keep our black men thriving …we stood for equal rights of black men 2 years ago with GEORGE FLOYD .. what changed from “then to now” in regards of the protection of BLACK MEN … “a man is not his craft … and the craft should never be judged by the man“ don’t let them use our personal life situations to make fake stories that have been misconstrued to hinder and taint our legacies …. STAND FOR US … WE ARE THE BACK BONE OF CULTURE . If we lose this fight we lose the HEAD of the same culture that we have known and loved and OWNED for the last 2000 years … the BLACK MAN NEEDS TO BE PROTECTED . The first step is PROTECTING OUR CULTURE !! HELP US

Right. Much of this is inspired by a fan petition to have Coachella drop Ye fka Kanye West from the bill. If it goes through, it would be the second major event to move on from the Chicago superstar after the Grammy Awards stated they no longer would allow Ye to perform on its stages. Dame Dash had something to say about that, which can be read here.

On Twitter, folks are largely ignoring the hot-headed varmint but there are some who feel like Lanez needs to go to the little table for a bit and sit this one out.

Check out the reaction below.

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