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On the one-year anniversary of the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building by supporters of former President Donald Trump, many took to social media to throw vicious and deserved darts at his number one toady, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The horrific sight of Trump supporters storming the Capitol building in an attempt to deny the certification of President Joe Biden by Congress resonates even more one year later. During commemorations of the day that saw many members of the Capitol Police force injured with three deaths, it was noted in press coverage that almost no Republicans in either the House or Senate were present. But as President Biden made his remarks concerning the tragedy of the day, Senator Graham couldn’t help himself and issued a tweet condemning him, saying: “What brazen politicization of January 6 by President Biden. I wonder if the Taliban who now rule Afghanistan with al-Qaeda elements present, contrary to President Biden’s beliefs, are allowing this speech to be carried?” It’s more than likely that Senator Graham is set to receive more blistering tweets denouncing his stance this morning from those outraged among the American public as well as those among his fellow Congressional members who vehemently oppose his conduct. Check out the deserved slander below…  

1. Lindsey Graham

The responses were swift and ruthless, with many choosing to refer to the Senator from South Carolina as “Lady G,” hinting at rumors of his after hours affairs.


Twitter user John Wick III Jr. trashed the Senator, pointing to reports that he might be a victim of Russian intelligence having compromising information on him


Calling themselves “the first band of #TheResistance”, this music group called him “pathetic pearl-clutching Lady G.”


Twitter user uncvrngthetruth blasted Senator Graham, asking why he was still defending Trump and his followers and asking why he went to Moscow with fellow GOP Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI).


Another Twitter user by the name of Teri was just fed up, saying: “Lady G, with the utmost disrespect, STFU!!”


This user exposed Senator Graham’s hypocrisy by sharing the clip of him condemning Trump’s behavior while speaking to members after the rioters were dispersed:


Lastly, Twitter user Drain the traitors shared a political cartoon showing a distinct summation of Senator Graham’s latest subservient action.