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Victor Wembanyama is garnering a lot of attention after being the top selection in this year’s NBA Draft, and the San Antonio Spurs big man is already putting his security team to work. According to reports, Wemby’s security captain allegedly smacked pop star Britney Spears after she tried to get the French basketball star’s attention.

TMZ reported Thursday morning (July 6) that Victor Wembanyama, 19, was heading inside Catch restaurant at the ARIA hotel in Las Vegas the day prior when Britney Spears, 41, allegedly tried to get Wemby’s attention. According to the details of the report, Spears was with her husband and two others when she ran over to tap Wembanyama on the shoulder when the player’s head of security allegedly smacked Spears and reportedly knocked off her glasses.

ESPN spoke with Wembanyama as he is in Las Vegas preparing for his NBA summer league debut with the Spurs and said to reporters that he believed Spears grabbed him from behind, an account the singer denied via her Instagram Story feed.

Spears is demanding an apology from the Spurs organization and Wembanyama but there haven’t been any public reports from that side suggesting that will occur anytime soon.

A lot is riding on the shoulders of Victor Wembanyama as he’s being billed as a next-level talent that will bring the Spurs back to glory under the tutelage of famed head coach Gregg Popovich.

Wembanyama was recently seen with fellow Frenchman Tony Parker, a Spurs legend, watching a game film over some barbecue. He is also expected to be mentored by Tim Duncan and other former Spurs stars.


TMZ issued a new report highlighting captured footage of the incident. The video shows Spears reaching up to try and tap Wembanyama, countering chatter that the singer tried to grab the player from behind.

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