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A Wawa convenience store and gas station seen on the day...

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Depending on where you’re from, Wawa is either the greatest convenience store of its kind or a desperate final stop on an ill-advised night out. The East Coast chain is trending on Twitter right now after a video of a man catching a bad one to the point he and his foe came out their pants and folks are feeling their feelings right now.

The fade was administered with passion and fury inside of what Twitter is saying was a Wawa in Florida, although many initially assumed that it took place in Philadelphia where the stores are nearly at one with the city’s backdrop and overall energy.

Although the manager tried his best to break up the brawl, he was swiftly shoved out the paint while the two gentlemen got their gi-style Brazilian Ju-Jitsu MMA style of rumbling on. There was an appearance of what looked like a tramp stamp by our observation on one man, but the action proved far too fierce for us to get a great look. Plus, the homie was double-cheeked up and we just didn’t want to linger, respectfully.

The other gentleman who seemed to be getting the better of the fight also nearly came out his trousers but we were somewhat spared the full-on view of his backside. We should also note that our man with the ceiling missing and Gallagher-style swag also lost one of his sandals, so just imagine whooping ass (or getting whooped?) on a Wawa floor with no shoes on. It’s bone-chilling.

Trying to locate the origin of the video was almost proven fruitless because everyone, including reputable news websites like ours, had been reposting and sharing without getting proper credit. We found the originator of this new slice of Internet Gold and we’re handing that person, D dollaz, a virtual Gobbler on us. Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Check out the reactions to the Wawa Florida pantless Royal Rumble below.

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