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Today, October 19, 2015, is just as good of day as any for new Kanye West music and the megastar musician has serviced his Soundcloud account without prior warning.

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As promised, Kanye West’s impromptu 808s & Heartbreak concert went down yesterday evening (September 25) at the Hollywood Bowl and he pulled out all the stops as he revived Auto-Tune for good reason.

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Today, August 30, marks the tenth anniversary of the release for the smash album, Late Registration, but Kanye West obviously can’t be bothered with sophomore year.

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In retrospect, Kanye West’s fourth studio album, 2008’s 808s & Heartbreak didn’t get it’s just due, mainly because it was labeled as an “Auto-Tune” album. That being said, it really resonated with Sarah Blake who used the melancholy project as the basis for publishing a series of Kanye West poems she titled Mr. West.

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Arguably, Rolling Stone has little say when it comes to Hip-Hop culture and its surrounding politics. Thus, we’re taking it lightly that they’ve listed Kanye West‘s 2008 808s & Heartbreak as one of 40 “most groundbreaking albums of all time.”

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Surprise, surprise. It appears that Kanye West shot a visual for “Robocop” from his 808s & Heartbreak LP, tough it never surfaced….until now, sort of.

“Kanye West’s new album will make you confused rap n—- go back and listen to BEAT TAPES you’ve ignored,” tweeted DJ Scratch last weekend. “Trust me.” Such a bold statement can only serve to make fans build their anticipation for the next move from rapper Kanye West. With West fading into obscurity ever since his […]

Even with the album dropping back in 2008, rapper Kanye West still has some remnants left from 808s And Heartbreak to present for the world to see. Following a remix to “Paranoid”, West releases the music video for “Coldest Winter” which was also remixed and will be presented with production that has yet to be […]

Now, when Jay-Z stated that the technology of Auto Tune was becoming a joke with Wendy’s using it in their commercials, it was becoming evident that the T-Pain effect was being overdone by rappers. The Shyte has officially hit the fan with this one though, as Flavor Flav, of Public Enemy, makes sure to get […]