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Action Bronson’s food reality show F**k, That’s Delicious could very well be the death of him if he’s not careful. The Mr. Wonderful MC reportedly had a near-death experience in Alaska while filming that caused him to be hospitalized and to undergo emergency surgery.


Charlo Greene, the pro-marijuana former KTVA television reporter who infamously quit on-air last year with the parting words ‘F**k it, I quit’ is in potential hot water. Authorities in Alaska raided Greene’s cannabis club over the weekend on suspicion that illegal activity is happening on the grounds of the establishment.

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Last November, Alaska was among several states to legalize marijuana for “medicinal” purposes. As the decriminalization movement; Charlo Greene; has since doubled its efforts, Reuters is reporting that smoking, growing and owning small amounts of the green, leafy drug became legal on Tuesday, February 24.

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While Election Night was full of disappointment by the shellacking of the Democratic Party, progressives can applaud themselves for something. Last night, two states and the District of Columbia voted into reality the legalization of recreational marijuana.

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Charlo Greene, the former KTVA Alaska reporter who made headlines for quitting on-air with a marijuana-scented f-bomb, is already inhaling her first lawsuit following the aftermath.

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Charlo Greene made quite the name for herself yesterday (September 22) when a video of her profanely quitting her Alaskian news anchor job went viral. The African-American reporter was doing a live story for a marijuana legization group which she ironically (or not) owned, when she abruptly stated “Everything you’ve heard is why I, the […]

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During a live broadcast, a reporter quit her job and revealed herself to be a pro-marijuana activist and business owner. Not only did she spill the beans on private activities, she also quit her job on the spot while stunning her colleagues.

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On Friday, August 30, NBA star James Harden and Kendrick Lamar traveled to Bethel, Alaska to pay a visit to Bethel Regional High School. Get Schooled, the same organization that made the Compton rapper a principal for a day in Rhode Island, sponsored a competition to improve high school graduation rates, and Bethel came out on […]

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This is getting ridiculous. President Obama has to fend off racism from average citizens, and even those in the political spotlight, like Sarah Palin. Palin, former governor of Alaska, used her platform to accuse to president of trying to cover up the attacks in Benghazi, Libya that resulted in the death of U.S. Ambassador Christopher […]

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An elaborate Internet prank has apparently come to fruition as a campaign to “exile” Pitbull to a remote Wal-Mart all the way in Kodiak, Alaska. For at least one day, “Mr. 305” will become “Mr. 907.” The Kodiak Walmart, which is approximately 225 miles from the state’s capital Anchorage, had its Facebook page receive over 70,000 […]