Master of None actor and comedian Aziz Ansari has been accused of sexual assault. A 23-year-old photographer has accused Ansari of violating her after a date. 

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Chris Brown continues to show us who he is by calling Indian-American comedian Aziz Ansari “Aladdin.”

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Stand-up comedian Aziz Ansari took on the toughest job in America at the moment when he hosted Saturday Night Live. He had to make people laugh the day after Donald Trump’s Presidential inauguration.

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Comedian Aziz Ansari made a video for Kanye West’s “Famous,” the lead single from Yeezy’s The Life Of Pablo album. Yes, it’s silly, but kind of fresh, too. 

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FOX News has been a punchline on Twitter for nearly 24 hours straight and with logical reason. The oft-controversial news outlet decided to allow Steve Emerson to haphazardly quote that Britain’s Birmingham was a “totally Muslim city” and speak it as fact.

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Kanye West’s art film, Cruel Summer, is making its debut at the Cannes Film Festival today (May 23rd) and photos of the event have already begun hitting the Internets. Rapper Theophilus London and Yeezy crony Ibn Jasper have been posting pics of the “immersive 7 screen” experience. Recently, G.O.O.D. Music artist Big Sean revealed the […]

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Kanye West has announced that he is releasing a short art film called Cruel Summer. Also, the highly anticipated G.O.O.D. Music compilation will share the same title as a press release notes that film was inspired by the said album. Cruel Summer, the film, will  debut at the Cannes Film Festival on May 23rd, accompanied by […]