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FOX News has been a punchline on Twitter for nearly 24 hours straight and with logical reason. The oft-controversial news outlet decided to allow Steve Emerson to haphazardly quote that Britain’s Birmingham was a “totally Muslim city” and speak it as fact.

Well, that especially didn’t go over well with comedian Aziz Ansari who proceeded to direct his anger towards who he figured was the root of the problem: billionaire Rupurt Murdoch. Exploding in a tirade which caused the hashtag #RupertsFault, Ansari ripped him a proverbial new one with lines like, “You’re already a vaguely evil media conglomerate guy and THEN you’re ALSO racist? FOR REAL?! You’re an evil overachiever!” and “If only I could hack into @rupertmurdoch’s voicemails and hear what his panicked PR ppl say after they read whatever racist sh*t he says.”

Despite many of his 4.95 million followers retweeting and responding the backlash, the @rupertmurdoch has yet to offer up a response on the latest #FoxNewsFacts controversy.

Check out Aziz Ansari’s outburst and the memes #RupertsFault has spawned since then.

Photos: Twitter

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