Bill de Blasio


New Yorkers working at private companies who aren't vaccinated will soon need to get at least their first dose, due to a new mandate announced by Mayor Bill de Blasio. In addition, indoor vaccination requirements have also been extended to children ranging from 5 to 11.


Needless to say when word got back to the higher ups about the new unsanctioned mural, workers from the Department of Transportation took to the streets to cover up the message with black paint.


Best believe New Yorkers who've gotten through the months long quarantine and shutdown that other states refused to initiate are appreciative of these measures being taken by the city.

Add those convenient Revel scooters to the list of things New Yorkers can no longer enjoy because we can't have nice things.

What's the best way to troll a racist real estate "tycoon" turned Divider-In-Chief? Why, you paint "Black Lives Matter" in front of his 58 floor skyscraper of course!


Though City Hall refused to comment on the matter, we're sure that the de Blasio household is an awkward environment right now as the mayor had called for people to go home just an hour after his daughter found herself bagged by police for refusing to move when she was told to.

NYC is really serious about social distancing to hammer home the point has begun removing the rims from iconic basketball courts around the city.


New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio is contemplating calling for a state wide "Shelter-In-Place" order, but Governor Andrew Cuomo is opposed to the drastic measure even though it may be the best way to curb the disease and prevent more infections.

Mayor de Blasio issued an executive order Sunday (Mar.15) ordering all nightclubs, movie theaters, small theater houses, and concert venues to shut down and will go into effect 9 a.m. Tuesday (Mar.16). Restaurants will no longer be able to serve dine-in customers.

Today (May 16), New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio officially announced that he’s running for President of the United States. Almost immediately, Twitter went into full slander mode.

Hot 97’s Ebro Darden hosted New York Mayor Bill de Blasio at the station’s studio for an interview, covering a wide range of topics as it relates to the leader’s mayoral duties. At one point, Ebro likened a brewing round of contention between Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo to the beef between Drake […]

After causing chaos in the streets of New York City last night, Mayor Bill de Blasio is looking for Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian. It doesn’t look like Yeezy is in trouble, though.