Here are the biggest secrets revealed from episode 2 of 'Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked.'

Here are the biggest secrets revealed from episode 1 of 'Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked.'

Touting the return with the hashtag #blackinbusiness, the specials get set off with Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked on Monday, March 15 at 9PM ET/PT and then two weeks later Black Ink Crew: Confessions will premiere on Monday, March 29 at 9PM ET/PT.

Black Ink Crew is currently on hiatus, but the popular VH1 reality show's main star has found himself in some drama.

Twitter Clowns Tati & Donna Again During 'Black Ink Crew' Season Finale

Twitter Is dragging Tati for trying to ruin Walter's wedding after she claims he slid in her DM's months ago. Ceaser is still BIG MAD at Richard.

Everything should be about Walt and Jess and the couple tying the knot, but somehow Ceaser makes it all about himself.

Teddy reveals that he has a girlfriend that he has been dating for a while, but he is not married or expecting a child. Walt and Jess arrive and in Hawaii and get surprised when Ceaser and the crew show up.

Twitter had plenty of thoughts about Ceaser's dilemma, Donna and Tati's foolishness, and Jess changing her mind and deciding to marry Walt again.

Ceaser announces he is opening a Black Ink shop in Chicago to get under Ryan's skin. Learns immediately after that he is being evicted from his flagship location in Harlem.

Ceaser and his crew declare war on Ryan and Kitty. Twitter is clowning the Black Ink Crew for being so pressed while the team 9Mag is unbothered.