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'Black Ink Crew: Secrets Revealed' Episode 2 Recap

Source: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

Last week, we learned some “juicy” secrets and interesting nuggets from cast members of the three Black Ink Crew reality show franchises. In the final episode of Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked special.

On the first episode viewers, we were treated to some secrets from Ceaser, Puma, Melody, and Tatti from the OG Black Ink Crew: New York show, Ryan, Danielle, and Charmaine from Black Ink Crew: Chicago, KP, and Tim from Black Ink Compton and Miss Kitty who is literally the only cast member who is caking from both the New York and Chicago shows.

On this week’s episode, Ceaser returns, but this time, he is joined by his cousin Teddy and Young Bae, and Richard, aka Oh Sh*t, stopped by as a surprise guest. From the Chi, the brothers Phor and Don, and Lemier and Vudu representing Compton.

Just like last week’s episode, America’s Next Top Model alum and actress Eva Marcille hosted the special and pulled out the secrets from the cast while playing the drinking game, “never have I ever,” with them. They also revisited some of the show’s most memorable moments, like all of the ratchet weddings and some of the tattoos they have done, good and bad. Donna owned most of those. Even Phor had his one incident involving the infamous face tattoo.

But we were really here for all of the things we didn’t know happened behind some of those moments and behind the scenes. You can hit the gallery below to see what we learned from episode 2 of Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked.

Photo: VH1 / Black Ink Crew

1. Teddy Says His Hoeness Has Been Deleted

Notorious philanderer, Teddy, is happily married now, he admitted during the special. We still don’t know much about his Korean curvy baddie named Euni, but she did make an appearance on the show, and Teddy is madly in love. But, we have seen him lost in the sauce before only to go back to his old ways.

2. No Smoking In South Korea

During a trip to South Korea to search for Bae’s mom, Ceaser reveals that his love for weed almost got him and Teddy arrested in Korea. They were subsequently booted out of the country.

3. Young Bae Phelps

Before Young Bae became nice with the tattoo machine, she was an excellent swimmer as well. Not one to brag, Bae admits she you used to rack up the medals in swimming competitions. 

4. Don Is Coming For The Mr. Olympia Trophy

Out of all the cast members on Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Don has undergone the most changes. He is still happily married despite hitting some roadblocks in his marriage. He got into acting, he’s into crystals, and now he is a nationally ranked bodybuilder. 

5. You’ve Been Served

Only on Black Ink Crew will we see someone being served papers at their wedding. Richard aka Oh Sh*t confirmed that he was indeed served by one of his baby mamas while trying to sneak off to get freaky with his new wife. 

6. Richard Is Not Like The Vagina Slayer In This Regard

While Richard, aka Oh Sh*t, and Alex, aka The Vagina Slayer, both have had sex with Donna, where they differ is that only one of them smashed in a bathroom. Richard confirmed that while he and Donna got caught in the 113th shop bathroom together, nothing went down, but he also confirmed he and Donna did sleep with each other. 

7. Unlike Most of The ‘Black Ink Crew’ Cast Members Lemier Hasn’t Experienced This

We all know Black Ink Crew cast members like to live on the wild side when it comes to their sex lives, Black Ink Crew: Compton artist Lemier revealed that he has never experienced a threesome. When he admitted that, everyone involved gasped like that’s an uncommon thing. Lemier that is nothing to be ashamed of. We’re not judging you here. 

8. Donna’s Tattoos Are Pure Struggle

If you stopped by Donna’s Instagram page, you wouldn’t be able to tell at all that she is or was an aspiring tattoo artist. That might be a good thing, honestly, because her tattoos were terrible. Teddy called her struggle “blackout tattoo,” the worst tattoo he has ever seen during the special. It has to be up there with the other tattoo she did where she spelled perseverance wrong on a customer’s back. 

Damn Donna. 

9. He’s Not So Useless After All

Teddy being a professional couch sitter on the show might be earned. According to Ceaser’s cousin, he helped get the show off the ground. While he didn’t take credit after Eva Marcille suggested he did, his story pretty much insinuates that. 

10. Look Out Rihanna, Vudu Is Coming

The Black Ink Crew: Compton cast member is launching her own lingerie collection. While she has a long way to go before she can compete with the likes of Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty line, she looks like she has some heat coming out that will help keep things spicy in the bedroom.