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'Black Ink Crew: Secrets Revealed' Episode 1 Recap

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

Before the arrival of Black Ink Crew New York’s 9th season, yeah, we’re just as shocked as you to learn it’s gotten that far. VH1 is throwing specials at us featuring cast members from three different franchises.

Monday night (Mar.15) marked the return of our favorite ratchet tattoo artists and staff members to our television screens. We haven’t seen any episodes of the hit reality show since the television network stopped production due to the COVID-19 pandemic. VH1 handed viewers a shortened Black Ink Crew: Chicago sixth season, highlighting how Ryan, Charmaine, and the rest of the crew were dealing with the impending COVID-19 crisis as it was manifesting in their city.

Last night’s special, Black Ink Crew: Secrets Unlocked, hosted by America’s Next Top Model alum Eva Marcille brought members from Black Ink Crew New York, Chicago, and Compton together for the first time, virtually, of course. Representing the New York cast was OGs Ceaser, Puma, and later additions Melody and Tatti. Miss Kitty, who is collecting checks from both the Chicago and New York franchise, was a part of the first episode.

Representing Chicago was 9 MAG boss Ryan Henry, Second City Ink’s boss lady Charmaine and her cousin Danielle. From the Compton cast, shop owner KP and his artist Tim were in the building.

During the first episode, the cast members participated in a drinking game called “Truth or Truth,” where they answered a question asked by Marcille. They also looked back on some iconic Black Ink Crew moments like Puma hilariously and disrespectfully dropping a lemon pepper wing on Ceaser’s floor, leading to him getting slammed by tattoo shop mogul.

They also shared some secrets as well, revealing things viewers might not have known. You can peep those in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

1. Black Ink Jamaica?

Ceaser is looking to grow his empire and open a shop in all 50 states and even abroad. He revealed to Marcille that he wants to bring his tattoo shop franchise to his mother’s native land of Jamaica. 

2. Sorry Donna

When asked if he could trade any of the artists in his shop for any of Ryan’s crew, Ceaser quickly revealed he would let Donna go in a heartbeat. We totally understand after seeing those struggle tattoos she has been doing. 

3. Ceaser & Ryan Have This In Common & It’s Not Miss Kitty

The two tattoo shop owners both admitted looking back on their earlier work, that tattoos, the first tattoos they did for past customers, were straight garbage. We feel sorry for those people currently walking around with those tats. 

4. Puma & Quani Blessed The Shop

File this under TMI. Puma revealed that he and Quani conceived their first child in Black Ink’s flagship shop. That’s not very sanitary at all. 

5. Puma Hates The Chicken Wing Moment

The chicken wing moment is what makes reality television great. BUT, if Puma could turn back the hands of time, he wouldn’t have done it becuase he honestly hates the moment and how exaggerated it was. Sorry Puma, it’s part of television lore now. 

6. Cardi B’s First Televsion Appearance was on Black Ink Crew

Cardi B Source:@PhotosByBeanz

That’s right, before she had a diamond-certified song and flexing her “WAP” on The Grammys, Cardi B made her first television appearance on the reality show Puma was happy to reveal. 

7. Remember Melody?

Melody made a surprise appearance, and we were happy to see she is no longer living in a mobile home. The tattoo artist revealed following her exit from the show that she lived in Columbia for sometime before returning to the states. She also revealed that on her first episode, she had no idea that Ceaser would fire her. 

8. Charmaine & The Tiger King

Charmaine revealed that Neek proposed to her at the Tiger King’s animal sanctuary. Right now, he’s in jail, and his “zoo” has been shuttered. Charmaine also shared that the ring Neek put on her finger was fake, but she happily announced the ring she is wearing is the real deal. 

9. Balitmore Was Too Ractchet For VH1?

According to our fave, Miss Kitty, VH1 was initially flirting with the idea of having a Black Ink Crew: Baltimore franchise. VH1 subsequently passed on the idea because the city was “too ratchet,” according to Miss Kitty. We’re honestly shocked about this. 

10. No Shame In His Game

When it comes to being the biggest flirt, Ryan Henry gladly accepted that title. According to Charmaine, her best friend and former boss stay in the ladies’ DMs.