A Brooklyn teen’s joyride came to an abrupt end after running through a red light and hitting other parked cars Tuesday morning (June 25). The unidentified youngster lost all control of emotion once an NYPD officer placed him in handcuffs.

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Maddeningly immature rapper Chief Keef is steadily preparing to graduate from juvenile delinquent to adult felon. As previously reported, the latest incident was getting chased, pulled over and arrested by authorities for speeding. This was all caught on the arresting officer’s dash cam, which has been made available to see. 

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More details have emerged surrounding the attempted drive-by shooting of Rick Ross back in January. Witnesses at the scene revealed that the shooter, or shooters, that blasted at Rozay while he was driving Rolls Royce with his girlfriend in the passenger seat were in a BMW. 


Spaceghostpurrp and his Raider Klan crew have been in the news for getting rowdy with the A$AP Mob. Purrp makes news for a different reason today as he drops his new B.M.W. project.


Since his controversial Tumblr post weeks ago, Frank Ocean and his s-xual preference has been a hot topic in musical circles. For the most part, Frankie has let the music do the talking for him, but he spoke to The Guardian and finally talked about coming out the closet at length. While many speculated that he […]


Frank Ocean’s manager, Christian Clancy, has issued an apology to Target for for implying that they refused to carry channel ORANGE in stores for inequality.  “Target has refused to carry Frank’s album because of iTunes exclusive,” Clancy initially tweeted.“Interesting since they also donate to non-equal rights organizations.” Target later issued a statement to Billboard magazine, denying that […]


Odd Future crooner, Frank Ocean, has had a hell of a week. After opening up about his sexuality via Tumblr last week, he performed the song in question (“Bad Religion”) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon two nights ago and then announced he was pushing the release of his album, channel ORANGE, up a week earlier. It looks […]

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It’s been pretty much all Frank Ocean all the time since he made waves last week with his stunning announcement. However, the best thing about that is that his music seems to be bringing together people of all walks of life despite your personal feelings on same s-x relationships.  After performing on Late Night with Jimmy […]

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The first song off of Frank Ocean‘s debut album, Channel Orange, is here and it’s groovy. Check out the soulful and talented Frank Ocean’s nearly ten minute long track “Pyramids” after the kick. 

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Frank Ocean releases what appears to be a brand new record and visual today. Judging from the chorus, the record could be titled “Cleopatra”.