Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos defeated Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. So before the clock had even run out in the 4th quarter, the memes clowning freshly minted NFL MVP began flourishing on the Internets. 

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In what shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone with a pulse, Cam Newton was named the NFL’s MVP last night (Feb. 6). In light of this, Under Armour cooked up a gold pair of cleats for the QB to wearing during today’s Super Bowl 50 while Jeezy created a song called “Hit Um” in his […]

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Get used to more and more Cam Newton commercials. The Carolina Panthers QB stars in the latest Beats By Dre spot, which is narrated by Atlanta rapper Future. 

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Cam Newton is the next great NFL star, but Under Armour was rocking with him before it got all trendy. The athletic brand commissioned Jeezy to create a song inspired by the quarterback as he preps for the Super Bowl.


All Cam Newton wanted to do is raise the bar in professional athlete fashion, but Twitter won’t let him flourish. The $850 Versace zebra-print pants that Newton rocked over the weekend with a snazzy pair of shoes (and ashy ankles) isn’t going over well.

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Around the 2-minute mark in the above video, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton responds to a question of why he’s become such a point of contention among reporters and sports fans. Unabashed and fearless, Newton said what white America and football fans probably didn’t expect to hear.


Hate it or love it, Future is winning. The “Stick Talk” rapper, and Jeezy, were at the NFC title game, so of course they took a picture with Carolina Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton.

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Carolina Panthers superstar Cam Newton has been dazzling fans with his stellar play — and dabbing — all season, and now the quarterback has some new plays to call. Newton took to Twitter to announce that he and his girlfriend are the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy.


The Carolina Panthers are 9-0, but all everyone is talking about is Cam Newton‘s dancing. After the QB hit the dab on Sunday, he pissed off the Tennessee Titans, but more importantly, a mother who is too casually racist and slow witted to explain his dancing to her 9-year-old daughter. 

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Cam Newton, the starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, let his competitive spirit get the best of him Monday morning after a fight with a teammate. During a series of passing drills, Newton shoved Panthers cornerback Josh Norman and the pair had to be separated by teammates on the practice field.

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The good news following Cam Newton’s frightening car accident yesterday is the star Carolina Panthers quarterback is expected to be released later today. The bad news is he suffered two fractures in his back and is expected to miss his next game at the least.

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Obviously, Cam Newton consider himself to be a fashion forward guy. However, the NFL quarterback’s choice in outfits for a post-game presser was met with all-out slander due to its audacity, and struggle.