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Black University of South Carolina student Byron Thomas has become somewhat known for his passionate defense of the Confederate Flag and its use as the flag within the state. Thomas doesn’t think the flag represents the state’s well-documented racist past and doesn’t want to see it removed despite recent developments.

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Even Alabama is getting in on the whole “the Confederate flag is bad look” trend. The state’s governor, Robert Bentley, ordered that the rebel flag of the Confederacy (news flash: they lost the Civil War) on the Capitol grounds to be taken down. 


You know it’s real when Walmart falls in line. The retailer has announced it will be removing all merchandise bearing the confederate flag from its stores and stop selling said items, too. 

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Despite what your not so racist friends, or Kanye West, will tell you, the confederate flag is a symbol of hate and racism. After the mass murder of nine Black people in a historic church in South Carolina, the state’s governor has called for the removal of the Confederate flag from the capitol grounds where […]

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Here is another one for the “What did you says about ‘post-racial America?” file. A North Carolina teen took to the ‘Gram to post a pro-confederate flag photo and her friend then joked about buying slaves. 


The Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity’s good name has been effectively dragged through the mud after the revelation of the OU SAE racist chant video. Now it appears that the national SAE is attempting to remove connections to its pro-Confederate past in light of the spectacle that appeared in the viral clip.


Ferguson protesters who are peacefully marching throughout Missouri en route to Gov. Jay Nixon‘s mansion to Jefferson City were met with racist taunts and gunfire. The NAACP group says that counter-protesters supporting the grand jury’s decision regarding Darren Wilson have been especially abrasive in a pair of rural towns.

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California has passed legislation that bans the sale of items bearing the Confederate flag.


A nationally-known fraternity at the University of Mississippi has suspended three of its members who are suspected of defiling a statue of the school’s first Black student. A trio of Sigma Phi Epsilon members allegedly hung a noose around the statue of civil rights pioneer James Meredith and are currently facing expulsion.


The state of Georgia has issued a new license plate that has riled up some citizens given the use of the controversial Confederate Flag. Considering the flag’s infamous history as an image of oppression and racism, civil rights activists have cried out in protest of the license plate.


As in everything in life, there are good and bad firefighters in the world. The good ones risk their lives to prevent others from suffering a burning death, and even may appear quick-witted and crafty. The bad ones? Well, they play practical racist jokes on citizens they visit.

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The fact that Yelawolf is from the South is not lost upon anybody. The Alabama native proudly reflects a southern aesthetic with his vocal delivery and appearance, often appearing in overalls and farmer hats and referring to himself using the C-word.