The Game, like many California MCs, has a well documented love for Mary Jane, but his girl doesn’t share the same affinity for greenery in the visual for Cool & Dre-produced track “Hit The J.”

Cool & Dre were crucial in helping to make Miami a major city for Hip-Hop thanks to their production prowess. Cool’s birthday was earlier this week and to help celebrate, Chris Brown, Flo Rida, along with plenty of Hennessy, hit the Dream nightclub in Miami. 

Compton rapper Game drops the video to “The City,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. The Cool & Dre song is the opener to last year’s The R.E.D. Album and features a stirring verse from the former K-Dot, and Game’s new Aftermath labelmate. Watch the Matt Alonzo directed clip below. 

Cool & Dre check in with Peter Bailey and discuss the hustle behind their magic… Make sure to check out more hot new videos here:  [More]    

The latest trend in Hip-Hop of bombarding the market with mixtapes continues. Game formerly, ‘The Game,” is announcing plans to release more than one mixtape in one day. Hurricane Game is one-upping Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy who both dropped three in October by releasing four. Although his forthcoming R.E.D. album isn’t set to drop […]