Trash day is over but dumping on folks is a forever thing apparently. Two of Hip-Hop’s most outspoken voices have refocused their sights on Roc Nation.

According to DJ Akademiks, Drizzy and Meek are in the Bahamas filming a music video for an upcoming project. While Akademiks stopped short of revealing further information, he did tweet that the project was “coming soon.”


While DJ Akademiks didn't accept Peter Rosenberg's challenge for a fair one, he did say he'd whup they "asses on numbers whenever I want to."

Hip-Hop's most hated media personality has apparently been shown the door. Akademiks is saying he has been fired from his talk show. 

When journalists go low, Freddie Gibbs goes lower. He had time for Hip-Hop’s most hated media personality.

Referred to as "Duke" on Budden's Spotify podcast, Tekashi has been accused of faking streams before.

DJ Akademiks took an L, but Freddie Gibbs wasn't involved just yet—but he does approve. The divisive, to say the least, "blogger" and host has been suspended from Complex News after calling Chrissy Teigen out of her name. 

While Black twitter continues to drink the seemingly never ending August Alsina tea there is a beef between two of Rap’s biggest personalities to also be savored. Freddie Gibbs has responded to Akademiks in very petty fashion.

As it stands, the Indiana rapper has been relentless in his attack on the blogger and media personality.


How such a move would actually help Meek's career is unclear, but at the moment is seems like more of a matter of principal than a business decision.

Joe Budden continues to flourish in media but it seems he has ruffled the feathers of his former co-worker. Akademiks is in his feelings once again.

If nothing else, DJ Akademiks attracts beef like moths to a flame but this time he has seemingly got the better of a potential foe. Via Twitter, NAV took the first show on New Year’s Eve, with Ak firing back with relentless fury.