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The Meadows Day 1

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83

The energy was restored to Clubhouse for one night thanks to 21 Savage, Wack 100, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and unfortunately, DJ Akademiks.

Things got spicy on the once-popular voice-only app Clubhouse on Thursday (Aug.5) night. The threat of fades being handed out came up during a heated discussion between 21 Savage and problematic rapper BlueFace’s manager Wack 100 about his cosigning of Hip-Hop’s biggest snitch, Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Akademiks decided to share a recording of the exchange on Twitter that featured Wack 100 threatening to beat 21 Savage’s ass if they ever come face-to-face with 6ix9ine instigating the back and forth. The tension all began over 21 Savage’s valid opinion of the so-called OGs involvement in the interview on Akademik’s new Off The Record podcast on Spotify that featured Wakademik’s buddy 6ix9ine.

“I’d say you lame for agreeing anything [6ix9ine] says,” 21 Savage said. That lead to a loud back and forth between the “A Lot” crafter and Wack 100, who was BIG MAD and eventually decided to choose violence.

“21, respectfully nephew, I know you, and we always been solid,” Wack 100 begins. “Me and you both know if you was standing in front me right now, you wouldn’t have that energy.”

21 Savage isn’t scared of anyone called Wack 100’s threats straight “cap,” but, of course, 6ix9ine continued to exacerbate the situation.

“N****, I will beat yo muthaf***in’ little ass, you little biddy ass boy!” Wack 100 angrily boasted while trying to tell the rainbow-haired troll to chill.

“21, I damn near respected you, bro, and it’s cool you don’t agree with that I’m saying, but nigga, I’m not no rapper, n****! I will f*** you up, n****! On Piru, n****!

“I will beat yo muthaf***in’ a**, n****. We can get down, Blood! I come to Atlanta. You can come to L.A. We can get down wherever you want to get down — I will beat yo a**! You gonna respect me, n**** and you getting outta line. I will f*** you up, n****!”

While Wack 100 was going through it on Clubhouse, 21 Savage remained calm, saying he wasn’t here for the fake “gangsta sh*t” on Clubhouse but, at the same time, didn’t decline Wack 100’s invitation to square up.

Wack 100 continued to threaten the Atlanta Hip-Hop star.

“I will sock you the f*** out, you out your league, n****,” he continued. “You ain’t about to come in here … you just a rapper, n****! You ain’t got the right, rank, and respect to fuck with me. You’s a fake a** Blood too, n****. I’m from California!”


You can peep reactions from Twitter in the gallery below.

Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz83




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