Bobby Shmurda Wants Out Of Epic Records, Compares Label To Prison


Bobby Shmurda has been home over a month and has yet to release any material leaving fans scratching their heads. Rumor has it industry politics have prevented him from doing so.


The link between dancehall reggae and Hip-Hop music has long been established and studied by fans of the genre. With a striking combination of the two sounds, newly signed Epic Records act HoodCelebrityy is an artist on a steady rise with a lot of heavy connections already in place.


Epic Records is debunking stories saying that they signed 13-year old rapper Lil Poopy to a four year record deal.


13-year old rapper and slapper of grown women’s backsides, Lil Poopy just signed a new record deal with Epic Records. 

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The next era of DJ Khaled internet hashtags is upon us. The #majorkey DJ and Snapchat MVP has announced a new deal between his We The Best Music label and Epic Records [#BEEPIC!]. He also announced that his either album, Major Key, will be the first release from the new partnership. DJ Khaled shared the news […]


Brandy has found herself in a legal battle to get new music out to the masses. The R&B singer is suing her label, Chameleon Entertainment, for allegedly delaying her next album and attempting to “bully” her into a bad deal.


The Bobby Shmurda case has generated a ton of press with no action to release the struggling rapper from his Rikers Island holding cell. All eyes have been directed to Shmurda’s (born Ackquille Pollard) record label, Epic Records, to fork over the $2 million bail money after he created an enormous buzz and revenue stream […]

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Remember the days when record labels openly invited controversy from their rappers because they know it would bring more record sales? Let Bobby Shmurda tell it, that era around the time he started coloring with crayons.

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Releasing projects out of the blue or with little notice is now commonplace in music. Yo Gotti is the latest to implement the latter strategy with the Concealed mixtape.

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Timbaland previewed a version of “Movin’ Bass,” on which his artist Tink takes the lead while Rick Ross and Jay Z ride passenger, during today’s (November 19) The Breakfast Club.