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Remember the days when record labels openly invited controversy from their rappers because they know it would bring more record sales? Let Bobby Shmurda tell it, that era around the time he started coloring with crayons.

In part two of Billboard’s caged bird interview, the imprisoned “Hot N***a” guy reveals how Epic Records is giving him the runaround every time he reaches out for help. Which is especially painful to hear, considering his leaked minstrel show exhibition for the bigwigs.

When ask if Epic was standing tall during his darkest hours, Shmurda let it be known the relationship wasn’t as thick as when he was shuckin’ and jivin’ on the lacquered mahogany business tables.

“No, no. They’re not bailing me out,” Shmurda replied to the notion that Epic had a master plan at his arraignment. “They’re not standing by me that much. Every time I call them, there’s excuses about [parent company] Sony, this and that. So, nah. It’s more people on the streets that’s standing by me more than them. I haven’t gotten a visit from one of them yet. Nah.”

Meanwhile, the entire G-Unit crew infiltrated DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle for a 90-minute interview. Over the course of conversation, Shmurda’s case came up and Fiddy stirred the pot, as he’s been known to do.

“You know what I’d really like to see? That check from Epic,” he exclaimed. “Why they didn’t get Bobby out? Why they didn’t bail Bobby out? They got money on the man why they didn’t bail him out?”

It’s possible that 50 got wind of Shmurda’s comments where he admitted he wanted “to be like” 50, Jay Z, Biggie and Tupac, in terms of making hardened music that is merely an extension of reality.

The young rap spitter definitely fits the mold of the G-Unit model. Maybe 50 will take him under his wing. That is, if he ever gets to sprung from the bing.

Watch the G-Unit Radio interview below.

Photo: Instagram/Bobby Shmurda