Eric Martinez

The promoters of DMX’s MMA fight that never was are continuing to dig deep into the pockets of Earl Simmons. Thunder Promotions already expressed plans to take him to court for backing out of his scheduled fight against Eric Martinez this month. As previously reported, the promotion company claims DMX’s cancellation has caused them hundreds […]

DMX’s brilliant idea to participate in a mixed martial arts fight is set to cost him millions. As previously reported, X agreed to participate in a battle with MMA fighter Eric Martinez. He pulled out of the agreement however after learning that the fight would not be fixed and he’d more than likely get the […]

DMX has finally come to grips with reality and officially pulled out of a scheduled mixed marital arts battle with fighter Eric Martinez. After learning that the fight would not be rigged in his favor, X made the wise decision to not participate in the ‘would be’ pummeling. In a final attempt to salvage their […]

DMX made headlines in September after announcing that he was willing to allow bodily harm to be inflicted on him by the hands of a mixed martial arts fighter. Now reports are circulating that he came to his senses and pulled out of the scheduled beat down. As previously reported, he was scheduled to take […]

 “I’m going to just walk in as it is.  It wouldn’t be fair if I trained.” Rapper DMX has left fans scratching their heads for years as it relates to his actions.  From his business in Arizona to his countless arrests, the announcement of fighting in the world of MMA may have put the icing […]

Dark Man X is showing a side not often seen by most, his charitable side, and is preparing to perform a benefit concert. Following in the recent footsteps of Jay whose September 11 benefit was highly successful; X will lend his bark and his bite to a starting lineup of performers to raise money for […]