A Black father in Oklahoma City was attempting to enjoy a day out at the pool with his children earlier in the month when a white man began attacking him, prompting the father to deliver a fade. When the attacker returned with a baseball bat after getting knocked out, a second fade was promptly administered.


We don’t know all the details, but we’ve seen enough. A white man in Chicago called the wrong Black man the N-word, and caught a vicious fade in the process.


When someone tells you “no good deed goes unpunished” believe them. A 37-year-old man found himself getting pummeled to the ground after offering to pay for his assailats meal at a Texas Chicken and Burger in Brooklyn on March 1.

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There is a perception that famous people can’t hold themselves down in a fight. Over the last couple of years this theory has been proven wrong time, and time again.

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Despite being a star of reality show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, it seems like Lil Scrappy is still ’bout that life. The Atlanta rapper was arrested around 2 a.m. August 28 for allegedly beating up a fellow gas station customer that disrespected his girlfriend.

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As the old adage goes, the best way to stand up to a bully is to punch them directly in the face. A young girl named Jaide just found that out the old fashioned way.

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While performing at Camden’s Electric Ballroom in London, a handsy fan swiped a $15,000 watch from A$AP Rocky as he was up close and personal with the crowd. Unfortunately for the thief, that only lead to him catching the attention of the A$AP Mob as Rocky, who is not known for traveling alone, released the goons […]

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International music act Nefew is back with a new track titled “Fade.” In the video for the single we see the duo talk about how relationships fade to black. Singer Liya is also featured on the track.