Female rappers may be a minority in Hip-Hop, but there are plenty that have contributed heavily to the genre. XXL sparked a growing conversation with its “20 Best Female Rappers Of All Time” list, with some expected entries and a few curious omissions.


Hip-Hop once had very stringent unsaid rules regarding how to carry yourself. Over the years the culture has become a wild west of sorts with no real reprimand for biting, struggle bars and collaborating with known pedophiles. Snitching though, is still a big no no.


TV One’s award-winning Unsung franchise spotlights cherished musical acts, but what about Hollywood actors? Such is the case with Unsung Hollywood, whose first episode will be taking a look at the career of the indelible Pam Grier.

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Although it’s been said that there’s no such thing as bad press, artists sometimes takes things too far with the media and end up losing out on money and opportunities. Hip-HopWired takes a look at a handful of rappers who have suffered a loss of this sort after talking a little too much to the […]

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Ever since MC Sha Rock of the The Funky Four Plus One rapped on “That’s The Joint,” it opened the door wide open for girls to rock the microphone. While their male counterparts tend to get the lion share’s of the spotlight, female MC’s have proven to be just as proficient if not more in terms of […]

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Save for a recent appearance on The Combat Jack Show, any Foxy Brown news, like that unfortunate case of a slippery stage, is guaranteed to involve certain levels of f-ckery. Case in point, the Brooklyn rapper was recently accused of skipping out on a $900 hair weave bill. 

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The Game wanted his record label to be called Rolex Records, but the folks over at Rolex shut that down. Now, the West Coast rapper has switched his imprint to The Firm (another title that’s already been used in rap).

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All Foxy Brown wanted to do was debut her new single, but fate had a more sinister plan. The Ill Na Na was on stage in NYC and took a wince inducing tumble while she performed “Bandz Up.”


Foxy Brown’s chapter in Hip-Hop history isn’t up for debate. The “Ill Na Na” ushered in a new era of chocolate beauty, raunchy raps, sky-high heels, and low-cut shirts; paving the way for Nicki Minaj’s daring outfits and gratuitous body shots. 

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Combat Jack stays scoring interesting subjects for his Internet radio show/podcast/destination. The latest artist to grace The Combat Jack Show was Foxy Brown, who made for some entertaining and enlightening conversation.

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Foxy Brown‘s career has come to the point where refuting salacious rumors about what she allegedly said about Jay-Z is her latest news. A prior gossip site’s report said that the “Ill Na Na” rapper dished that Hova had partaken in gay sex and had even taken her virginity, while she was a minor.

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No matter how much shat they talk on records about their knuckle game or hot temper, when a rapper puts them paws on somebody it’s always a WTF moment. That’s because rappers are unpredictable creatures. Blame it partially on their(alleged) past street lives, hectic schedules, loony work hours coke habits and the everyday ups and downs […]