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Numerous celebrities tried their hand at recapturing Nicki Minaj‘s look for Halloween, but the real thing showed us that there can only be one Highlander.

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We told y’all Nicki Minaj looks like she’s in costume all the time. On this Halloween 2013, both actress Holly Robinson Peete and talk show host Ellen Degeneres dressed up as the YMCMB Barbie. 


Man, how did we not see this coming. As photos from your favorite celebrities participating in Halloween festivities funnel in, there’s one highly talked about star that’s the talk of the town — Miley Cyrus.

Sure, the culture is about boom-bap and fresh rhymes, but we’re also known to be ill in the head sometimes.


It’s something about Halloween that makes the racists go honey baked ham. A photo of a white guy in blackface, dressed as the late Trayvon Martin, along with another man in a “Neighborhood Watch” tee started making the rounds over the weekend. All three bozos in the pic have been identified. 

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Every Halloween, folks risk their image and good taste to pull off zany outfits. Unfortunately the racism line gets crossed when people go the blackface route, as evidenced by a handful of top fashion designers in Milan at a party over the weekend.

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You can’t go wrong with watching these 15 Classic Halloween Films, so ready the popcorn, turn off the lights, and enjoy these scare-tastic flicks.


It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little struggle right? Chris Brown made an interesting decision in choosing a costume when he and his friends dressed up as Arab terrorists.

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Happy Halloween, folks. Although most of us on the East coast may have bigger concerns than trick-or-treaters today; Hip-Hop Wired is still very much in the Halloween spirit. 

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has changed the date of Halloween, in his state. Rather than celebrating the holiday today, Christie has postponed observance until Nov. 5, while the area recovers from the after effects of Sandy which hit the area as a tropical cyclone late Monday (Oct. 29).

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Are you in the Halloween spirit? Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka are, and this new video for “Crazy” turns the Bricksquad rappers into psychotic killers. 


With Halloween creeping up tomorrow, Roman Morrow wants to ensure the safety of the children of Chicago. The community leader, who ran for alderman in the city, is hosting a Halloween party where parents can bring their young ones to get candy, without the threat of violence that has taken over the streets.