Jasiri X has made a name for himself as a politically-charged and outspoken Hip-Hop artist, working both as a community activist, as well as a recording artist. The Pittsburgh rapper won $30,000 via fellowship award based on his artistic and activist endeavors.

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Outspoken and politically provocative rapper Jasiri X has used his platform to speak on the “Occupy” movement, to the Trayvon Martin murder along with other hot button issues. The Pittsburgh MC takes aim at both President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney on the heels of tonight’s highly anticipated debate with a new song. […]

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Righteous rapper Jasiri X drops a new record called “Who’s Illegal?” featuring Rhymefest, a civil rights enthusiast who once ran for Alderman of the 20th ward in Chicago. X and ‘Fest take listeners/viewers on a trip down to both Arizona and Alabama, where unrest exists over two anti-immigration bills being passed in the respective states, with this Paradise Gray directed […]

B. DOLAN’s “FILM THE POLICE” pays tribute to N.W.A.’s infamous “F**k the Police,” serving as a call to action for the digitized media movement while responding to the recent explosion of police brutality all across the world. With the Occupy Movement bringing various forms of injustice to the forefront of people’s consciousness, “Film the Police” […]

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Occupy Wall Street:  Jasiri X – “Occupy (We the 99)”  [Video] Getting back to its roots and helping spark change to society, Hip-Hop has made a heavy presence over the last month with Occupy Wall Street taking place across the country and abroad. Filmed live at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Pittsburgh by Director Paradise […]

George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush go in over the Otis instrumental on their less than stellar records as President of the United States, and to remind us how America got so messed up. P.S.   If you gone hope on a popluar beat and do a remix… Say something we haven’t heard before. “George […]

Jasiri X – “Three Little Girls” Hip-Hop with a message. Jasiri X drops a new visual  for Woman’s History Month to shed light on how violent this society is, especially towards woman and girls. “Three Little Girls” tells the stories of the senseless murders of Christina Taylor Green, who was killed during the shooting of […]

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