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Outspoken and politically provocative rapper Jasiri X has used his platform to speak on the “Occupy” movement, to the Trayvon Martin murder along with other hot button issues. The Pittsburgh MC takes aim at both President Barack Obama and GOP candidate Mitt Romney on the heels of tonight’s highly anticipated debate with a new song. The track, “Candidates For Sale,” features the vocal talents of socially active Midwest rappers Invincible and Rhymefest as well.

Jasiri opens up the track and rides Da Ricanstrukta’s production with his usual flair. “The 1% run the government by giving billions to Democrats and Republicans/Cold hard cash seals the covenant but with strings attached so you can see who the puppet is/I blame the justices,” raps an impassioned Jasiri X.

Invincible, perhaps the star of the show, shows off her formidable flow and drops more than a few quotable bars in the process. “It’s a damn shame, politicians should be dressing up like NASCAR drivers/Covered in brand names, sponsorships, certificates for campaigns/So if you ain’t contribute millions, you insignificant as a sand grain,” says the Michigan rapper.

Rhymefest’s bars may have hit the hardest, which is curious considering the past Kanye West collaborator has attempted to run for elected office in his native Chicago in recent time. “Sittin’ in the Congress on auction blocks/Prostitutin’ off the clock/Man, you can’t even call the cops/Hell, you can’t even call Barack, he got his hands in the pots/You even sent your last twenty to him,” raps Rhymefest rather pointedly.

Listen to and download “Candidates For Sale” below.


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