Gene Simmons made his name in the world of rock as a founding member of the KISS band, and the group is finally being honored by the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. However, Simmons and another band member are upset that Hip-Hop acts Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy got in before them.

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The new generation of Hip Hop hasn’t been too kind to the older generation that established the foundation of music. Artist’s from the 90’s era that were once dominant are now struggling to even stay afloat in today’s music industry as fans have made the transition from craving substance to just wanting to have fun […]

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LL Cool J’s storied run in Hip-Hop has no signs of slowing down as the legendary Queens MC  is among the coveted list of 12 artists that could be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2010.   With 11 albums under his belt, James Todd Smith’s competition includes esteemed artists in their […]