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The new generation of Hip Hop hasn’t been too kind to the older generation that established the foundation of music.

Artist’s from the 90’s era that were once dominant are now struggling to even stay afloat in today’s music industry as fans have made the transition from craving substance to just wanting to have fun and jump around.

Young minds have essentially dumbed down to what’s hot now, instead of what artists have the ability to handle the test of time.

Back in 2004, rapper Jadakiss dropped Kiss of Death, so it was uncertain what his reception would be in 2009 with such a drastic climate change.

Since the release of The Last Kiss, sales have been projected at closing in to gold status.  Although this may be unfamiliar to his past releases, it is still an indication that hardcore fans are still looking out for Kiss.

While in Minneapolis, Al Qaeda Jada was able to catch up with Mr. Peter Parker as he shakes off the dust to once again return back to the music world.  He also reflects on his first week back out as it relates to sales.

“I feel beautiful.  Five years off to have a first week like I had, the response is great.  The people still feelin the kid and that’s what it’s about.”

With new heavy-hitters such as Drake and Wale that were able to build such a strong fan backing before an actual release, the water seems to have many sharks that are trying to feast.  The rapper, however, uses his status as a way to show that support from great MCs is an indication that competition is far from an issue.

“I was told I was nice from Pun, Biggie, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem…so I’m good off that.”

Moving to an era where presence on the Internet is essential, but Kiss adds that YouTube clicks can’t save a rapper from the real thing and they will have to put up or shut up once the spotlight hits them live.

“I love the Internet, it’s a way to reach a bigger mass of people without having to go travel to the demographics, but it all starts off talent.  Real talent is real talent.  You can hide behind the computer or behind the monitor, but sooner or later you gonna have to show up.”

Buzz may be necessary, but history cannot be denied or forgotten.  As these new artists continue to build a name for themselves, it must be remembered that most rappers come and go if they are unable to leave a lasting impression with the fans.  Being different causes separation and creates distinction so that an artist is never mistaken for anyone else.  All of that dancing is cool and all for now, but that only translates as being the present and nothing more to look forward to in the future.