Drake had a smash hit on his hands last year with the moody “Marvin’s Room,” which spawned several copycat versions. Now, the YMCMB star finds himself in hot water after an alleged ex-girlfriend who claimed to have co-written the track filed a formal complaint seeking damages. Ericka Lee, reportedly the female voice on the staged […]

Beleaguered former NBA All-Star Allen Iverson had his bank account garnished by a Georgia judge earlier this month, according to a TMZ report. A.I. failed to pay a 2010 jewelry bill, leading to a lawsuit and default judgment in favor of the jeweler to the tune of $859, 896.46. Aydin & Company Jewelers originally charged […]

Megaupload CEO Swizz Beatz Gets Hip-Hop Star Pals In Trouble   Working with Swizz Beatz can get you a hit record and a lawsuit. The New York Post reports that the record labels of Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and will.i.am, amongst others, were not pleased when they learned the participated in a video promo […]

Jay-Z Sued By Workers’ Compensation Board of New York   Jay-Z is getting sued, again. TMZ reports that Hova has been hit with a lawsuit by the Workers’ Compensation Board of New York for allegedly failing to pay worker’s compensation for a few months back in 2009. The employees weren’t of his famed 40/40 Club, […]

On a 90 degree day, four Bronx youths were arrested for engaging in a water balloon fight.  In response they have decided to sue the city of New York for $1 million a piece.  Eric Martinez, Ryan Ginyard, Jayvon McKinney and Maurice Manners were a larger group of approximately 25 people engaging in the balloon […]