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Today is a national holiday for sports fans and game junkies alike. NBA 2K13, which is executive produced by Jay-Z this year, finally hits stores today. The dominant video game in basketball and sports recruits two of the most dominant figures in their respective fields for the latest advertisement. 

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As if Jay-Z didn’t need anymore props, now game geeks can thank the god MC for NBA 2K13’s latest advancement. Yesterday, 2K Sports announced that the legendary 1992 USA Olympic Basketball team, also known as “The Dream Team,” will be in NBA 2K13 and you can thank the game’s executive producer for that. “The Dream Team wasn’t going to […]

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This is kind of different. As you should already know, NBA 2K13 will be executive produced by Jay-Z. Part of the rapper/mogul’s job description was clearly getting a say in what makes it onto the latest edition of the basketball video game franchise’s soundtrack. You can get an early listen to the collection, which clearly has […]

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Jay-Z is being advertised in this new spot for NBA 2K13 as the executive producer of the video game. Now as a minority owner of an NBA team, we are not sure how exactly this is supposed to work, nor how someone executive produces a video game. Is Jay-Z going to manage the music on the game? […]

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Last year, NBA 2K12 paid homage to the league’s past with Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan covering their game. This year, 2K Sports looks to the future with dunk champion Blake Griffin, former MVP Derrick Rose, and NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant covering NBA 2K13. “Being crowned as one of the NBA 2K13 cover athletes […]