Macklemore’s successful underground album The Heist features a track titled “Same Love,” that discusses gay rights and the stigma attached to same-s-x marriage, and defends a demographic that’s chronically receives discrimination. Ironically, the very same song created to open the eyes of closed minded individuals is the sourceof controversy at Centennial Middle School of the South Lyon […]

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Over the weekend, Eminem used perhaps the most unconventional method possible to announced his plans to release his eighth studio album in 2013. The announcement, of sorts, came in the form a of a snap back hat styled to commemorate the recent success of the Detroit Tigers and was debuted on Eminem’s official online store.

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Until recently, Mac Miller kept a tight lid on any info regarding his Blue Slide Park follow up. Luckily for fans, the Pittsburgh MC used Twitter as the forum to announce the title of his highly anticipated second project, tweeting “My Sophomore Album Title Is: Watching Movies With the Sound Off.” From there Mac Miller dropped not-so-subtle clues about […]

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Imagine moving into a building, only to discover that a legend once called that place home as well. Ironically, such was thought to be the case for Amit Wehle, who currently calls Jay-Z‘s former “560 State Street” stash spot his humble abode. Admittedly surprised when the legendary Brooklyn MC name-dropped his address on “Empire State of Mind,” Wehle […]


It was recently announced that the good folks at Rap Genius are to receive a hefty investment of $15 million from California-based Venture Capital Firm Andreessen Horowitz. For the unfamiliar, Rap Genius is an online community for Hip-Hop fans on which crowd-sourcing provides lyrics of rap songs and annotated explanations to clarify their meanings.

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Coming off of the 20th anniversary of his 1992 classic album Whut? Thee Album, Redman takes to Twitter to formally announce that he’s working on a sequel for another one of his highly lauded projects, aptly titled Muddy Waters 2: Even Muddier. This morning, the often underrated, but legendary MC tweeted “We about to start […]

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A few weeks back in the New York Times, a pretty revealing piece was released on Jay-Z that had to do with how well the rapper/mogul maximized his minimal investment in the Brooklyn Nets. Among the facts revealed was that the $1 million investment Jay-Z orginialy gave to the Nets amounts to just one-fifteenth of one […]


Today, Hip-Hop fans should delighted to know ?uestlove formally announces the re-launch of his label Okayplayer after its eight year hiatus. According to Billboard Biz, Okayplayer Records, founded in 1999, will return as digital-only label with releases that will roll out sooner rather than later. Atlanta MC, Danny! (a.k.a. Danny Swain or D. Swain) is first at bat with […]


Frank Ocean is reportedly pulling out of a string of European tour dates, including shows with Coldplay which would’ve brought him to ten major cities overseas. After mysteriously pulling out of the Way Out West festival in Sweden and the Flow Festival, Pukkelpop, V Festival and Bestival, Ocean says he felt “like an a**hole” for pulling out. “A […]

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As the old adage goes, some stuff should just be left to the professionals. The Russian Billionaire owner of the Brooklyn Nets, Mikhail Prokhorov, says he plans on spitting some hot fire with Jay-Z at the brand new Barclay’s Center. According to Crain’s New York, the owner of the Brooklyn Nets appeared on a Russian television […]

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You can’t blame Young Buck for trying to put a positive spin on his financial struggles. The Tennessee rapper dropped a viral video providing his perspective on the “hoopla” he’s made recently by getting sentenced to three years in prison for weapons charges (he’ll only need to serve 18 months) and for the IRS auctioning […]

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Tito Lopez finally drops his highly anticipated mixtape, The Hunger Games. It’s been a long time coming for the Gulfport, Mississippi MC, who has deemed himself as the Voice of the Underdogs. With a few leaks from the tape already making noise, fans finally get the chance to hear a mixtape made for everyday people. […]