Nobody Smiling

Common’s new album, Nobody’s Smiling — released on Tuesday (July 22) — houses 10 tracks by the veteran rhymesayer. The deluxe version hold three additional cuts, but a treat titled “City To City” can only be found on the Target-exclusive disc.

The socioeconomic conditions and well-documented violent trends in Chicago have inspired much of Common’s new material, and that remains the same on his highly anticipated single “Kingdom,” featuring Vince Staples.

Common, an OG who’s invested in his native Chicago, keeps tabs on the MCs who currently move culture in the city. Photos revealed that actually he called on a few artists to appear in an undisclosed project.

New music from Common is always appreciated around these parts. Today, he provides just that with a quality listen titled “Black America,” featuring Top Dawg Entertainment’s Ab-Soul.

Artists can blah blah about their upcoming album plans in YouTube videos until they’re blue in the face but without any sort of action (read: leaks!) nobody’s listening.

Some would say that Common jilted Hip-Hop fans out of the EP he promised to release in 2013. But today we discover that didn’t happen in vein, as the short body of work became an idea for a full album that’ll be titled Nobody Smiling.