Hip-Hop couple Papoose and Remy Ma haven’t been shy about expressing their love for each other, and now the pair prepares to share more of themselves in the unscripted television format. Monday night (July 6), Remy Ma announced she and Papoose will join the Love & Hip Hop: New York cast and confirmed it with […]

Hip-Hop’s most hard body couple—Papoose and Remy Ma—take a crack at remaking Smootha Da Hustler’s classic “Broken Language.”

DJ Kay Slay calls on fellow New York rappers Papoose, Vado and Ransom to lay down bars in his newest track titled, “Real Hip Hop.”

A few weeks ago, Papoose made headlines after claiming to be a better MC than Jay Z and the King of New York. That’s a confidence that one has to respect, but even more importantly, the Brooklyn native always follows these lofty claims with cuts like “Current Events.”

You gotta give Papoose credit for being confident, and just maybe a little delusional. The Brooklyn rapper claims that he is better that Jay Z and indeed the King of New York rap. 

Brooklyn rapper Papoose drops a new mixtape called Cigar Society and from a glance at the tracklisting you can tell he called in a lot of connects to make this a star-studded affair. 

Known for his very violent approach to Rap music, Uncle Murda has always been a wild card. He spoke on his trials and tribulations as Hip-Hop’s bad guy with The Breakfast Club.

Remy Ma will be released from prison in July, according to her husband Papoose. The Brooklyn rapper made the announcement during a recent show.

While over the last year Papoose has become a punching bag of sorts for struggle rapper internet slander, the Brooklyn native has always shown to be a stand up individual. This was proved again when he posted a photo of him visiting his wife behind bars Remy Ma on Thanksgiving day.

How did we miss this one? In the spirit of Thanksgiving and New York City pride, Papoose unveiled a song aptly titled “Jive A$$ Turkey” in reply to comments Trinidad Jame$ made about the Big Apple some weeks ago.

Papoose found a reentry point into the game, and now, he doesn’t plan on going anywhere. Today, the MC returns with a fully packaged project called Hoodie Season for your listening pleasure.

There are some artists that can handle the responsibility that comes with social media, and then you have those who just do entirely too much. Whether it’s sharing worthless personal information or beating us down with shameless self promotion, we need some rappers to show some chill.