police brutality

A deputy in Colorado has been placed on unpaid administrative leave following an incident at a high school career fair. Unable to release the name of the deputy he/she is accused of using a stun gun on 30 students. According to officials for Lake County High School, the students asked to be shocked so they […]

“I kind of had a feeling it was going to turn out this way,” plaintiff Michael Mineo said. “If you want to commit a murder, join the NYPD.” A police officer can sleep a little more soundly now as he was acquitted Monday of accusations that he sodomized a drug suspect in a subway station. […]

A Mississippi family is in an uproar after they say have video of police stomping, beating and choking one of their family members. The Haynes family of Clarksdale, Mississippi contacted the local news after they say police used excessive force when arresting 21-year-old Steven. Steven was on the front porch of his home when police […]

Somewhat like getting a taste of her own medicine, a Romanian teacher became the recipient of five fingers to the face from the long arm of the law. Being accused of abusing children, the women was placed under investigation by authorities and through a verbal confrontation, she slaps the officer in his face. Apparently, the […]

A police officer was found not guilty in the death of 73-year-old Bernard Monroe, an unarmed New Orleans man that was shot and killed during a family cookout. A jury voted “no true bill” in the case, recommending that the case be not taken to trial. The jury rejected a number of charges set to […]

“It went from left to right into Michael Mineo’s butt crack.” An NYPD officer took the stand Monday in Brooklyn Supreme Court to testify against one of his own in a case where Police Officer Richard Kern has been accused of using unnecessary force and sodomizing on a suspect during an arrest back in October […]

The daughter of Oscar Grant, the man killed by officials with Bay Area Rapid Transit, is receiving $1.5 million in settlement money from a wrongful death lawsuit. BART has agreed to pay 5-year-old Tatiana for financial support after the January 1, 2009 death of her father. On New Year’s Day of last year, cell phone […]

A teen violinist who was severely beaten by Pittsburgh police on January 12 and had his dreadlocks ripped out from his skull is recovering.  18 year-old Jordan Miles was approached by the police who thought he had a gun but what turned out to be a soda bottle under his coat. His mother Terez Miles stated […]

A video has surfaced showing police brutality as two NYPD police men violently hit a man while restrained in handcuffs. Officers John Cicero and William Green are seen in the video reaching down to punch 28-year-old Jonathan Baez in the head and kicking him after handcuffing him and holding him down on the ground. Police […]

Police brutality took a turn for the worst this in 2009, with cases seemingly coming out of the proverbial wood work at every turn. Citizen vigilance was taken to another level, thanks largely to the rise of camera phones; still, more measures are needed to make sure that those assigned to protect and serve remain […]

It must be impossible to hold a group of people together and have the expectation that everyone will be on their best behavior. Monday saw yet another concert for the West Coast duo, the New Boyz, end in violence, but this time it took place in downtown Roanoke, Virginia. Reported earlier, the duo had to […]

The Bay Area Rapid Transit system has found itself in the midst of another incident after video surfaced showing a BART officer slamming a man into a glass barrier at a transit station, shattering the glass. Though the man was acting unruly, this latest incident of police aggression by a BART officer brings into question […]