Red Dead Redemption 2

In a show of solidarity and respect, the video game world is pressing pause on online gaming for George Floyd.

Since it’s release back in October of 2018, Rockstar Games critically acclaimed game Red Dead Redemption 2 has seen many updates. While this is normal, one gamer has noticed the graphics in the game have been downgraded significantly after the patches were released.

Rockstar Games right now is basking in the success of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the steady but cautious rollout of Red Dead Online beta. Listening to feedback from gamers, the studio is rolling out a massive update that aims to tackle some of the online component’s most significant issues.

It’s been a full month since Rockstar Games released its western epic Red Dead Redemption 2. Now it’s time to finally give the highly-anticipated Red Dead Online a spin.

Hold your horses Red Dead Redemption 2, despite being the topic of discussion on video game Twitter and breaking records, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was king on the PS4 console in October.

Amid the news that Red Dead Redemption 2 brought in some serious coins for Rockstar Games, the internet was buzzing when players discovered a possible new D’Angelo track in the game. Today the game studio confirmed the singer is on the soundtrack plus other musical heavyweights.

It would be a safe bet to say no one didn’t think Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn’t going to be a successful game. Today (Oct 30) it was revealed the game smashed numerous records in its opening weekend and pulled in an impressive amount of coins for Rockstar Games.

Despite all of the insane news going on right now, gamers are rightfully excited because Rockstar Games highly-anticipated virtual western Red Dead Redemption 2 has arrived.

We are literally just days away from the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2, and today we are getting one last final look at the highly anticipated game as well as just how much space it will take up on your consoles.

Rockstar Games promised another in-depth look at their ambitious western game Red Dead Redemption 2, and they delivered today with a second gameplay trailer.

We are just about a month and a few days from the global launch of Rockstar Games epic western Red Redemption 2. Today the game studio announced the forthcoming game will have its own online component as well.

Rockstar Games has been taking its time with its highly-anticipated western adventure game Red Dead Redemption 2 and for a good reason. The latest trailer shared by the game studio shows its next game is more ambitious and expansive than it’s predecessor.