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'Red Dead Redemption 2' Players Notice Graphics Downgrade After Patch

Source: Rockstar Games

Since it’s release back in October of 2018, Rockstar Games critically acclaimed game Red Dead Redemption 2 has seen many updates. While this is normal, one gamer has noticed the graphics in the game have been downgraded significantly after the patches were released.

After some digging and many side-by-side comparisons shared by user RolfStarGames in GTA Forums DualShockers confirmed Red Dead Redemption 2’s graphics were downgraded since update 1.03. Initially, RDR2 player who goes by the name DaRealBandicoot on Twitter pointed out in the Tweet the dramatic difference in how the game looks compared to version 1.00 vs. 1.06.

The pictures suggest that with the updates that Rockstar removed, altered or disabled the games Ambient Occlusion feature. Now if you’re clueless as to what precisely that means it basically provides the game with more realistic ambient lighting based on the geometry in the room or whatever location you are currently at in the game. Now to some gamers that won’t serve as a big deal. Critics and hardcore games this is a very significant issue. Red Dead Redemption 2’s brilliant use of AO is one of the reasons it earned such high marks in its reviews so while it’s quite common for game studios to update their games, it’s puzzling to find out Rockstar did this without mentioning it in the patch details.

If are you one of those people who need the Ambient Occlusion to finish the game you can just restore the game back to its original state deleting it and installing again. If you do not want to go through all of that hassle, you can leave it as is and continue on your journey in the Wild Wild West with Arthur Morgan. Rockstar Games has yet to speak on the matter, but we won’t be shocked if they decide to address and explain what is going on. Right now the game studio is primarily concerned with making sure Red Dead Online continues to run smoothly so that could possibly be one of the reasons behind the graphics downgrade.

If you still need some clarity on the situation, you can watch the video breakdown from DualShockers below.


Photo: Rockstar Games