You have to wonder if Lil Wayne will be making any appearances on the show and/or if he'll be tuning in weekly to see what king of shenanigans his ex-wife and daughter get into in their daily lives.


This past weekend, Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, said COVID-19 is not gonna stop me from living my best life. Social media decided to check her father and other celebs for their careless behavior during a pandemic.


To be a rapper in 2020 means your personal business belongs to the streets. Case in point, Quavo is denying rumors that he was caught cheating on his girlfriend Saweetie with Reginae Carter.


Lil Wayne may have thought that 50 Cent’s problematic comment about Black women was funny, but his daughter Reginae Carter surely didn’t and she’s got plenty to say. Earlier this week, the oldest of the Carter children took to Twitter to denounce the laughing by her father, Lil Wayne, and 50 Cent on the latest episode of Lil Wayne's Young Money radio, in which the G-Unit head honcho claimed he caught flack from "angry Black women" over his choice to date "exotic women."


Wishing death on another man is always grounds for the fade, and Kodak Black appears to be a man that wants to shoot the fair one. The Florida rapper was caught on video saying that Weezy “should’ve died when you was a baby.”

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Reginae Carter, the 18-year-old daughter of Lil Wayne, took to Twitter to update fans on the health condition of the 34-year-old rap superstar.

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Reginae Carter has inserted herself into the simmering pot of beef between her father, Lil Wayne, and Atlanta OG, T.I. The 17-year-old Carter checked Tip by way of a reply to an Instagram post, essentially stating that he could have handled the situation with her dad via private channels.

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Lil Wayne’s eldest daughter, Reginae Carter is the epitome of rap royalty. Last year for her sweet sixteenth birthday, her famous parents bought her not one but two luxury automobiles to stunt on her high school peers.

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Lil Wayne sent a clear message to competitive peers of his first-born daughter Reginae Carter by saying there is no competition when it comes to the game of stunting.


The teen daughters of Lil Wayne and Birdman are set to become authors. Reginae Carter and Bria Williams are working together to drop a joint novel, titled Paparazzi Princesses.

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You never know exactly who is going be the next to sign to Young Money, but the latest pick-up should not come as a surprise to many.


Most of the rappers you care about have children, but most of their young ones stay under the radar. Every now and then they make appearances with their famous parents, and here’s a look at some of hip-hop’s kids. Peep some of your favorite MCs and their seeds at The Urban Daily.