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“You could put lipstick on a pig, it’s still a pig…wrap it up, it’s still a fish…” Shyne is back with a new track to redeem himself in the rap world. As previously reported, Po was criticized harshly for his remixes to Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” and “Rockstar 101”, that sounded nothing like the typical Shyne […]

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Ladies and gentlemen, all rise for a momentous occasion as rapper Shyne Po is here to deliver a major announcement on why his rap flow/style has changed so drastically. Hip-Hop is all ears Po because that question CONTINUES to ring alarms with every subsequent track released. “Rockstar [Remix]” Well, another case of audio f**kery at […]

“He’s a D-class rapper right now.” Shortly after throwing shots at Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson on a freestyle over Alicia Keys’ “Un-Thinkable”, rapper Shyne has already received a response in the form of G-Unit solider Lloyd Banks. With both New York rappers on a comeback, such a battle could be exciting, but according to Banks, […]


As rapper Shyne is slowly trying to make his climb back into relevance, Shyne must have felt it necessary to address some foes that he couldn’t verbally touch while incarcerated, mainly rapper 50 cent, on his recent freestyle. “I need a couple million, F*** 50 Cent.” “Un-Thinkable [Freestyle]” With the song fading out, it sounds […]

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Former Bad Boy henchman Shyne is gearing up to release the first official single “Messiah” from his upcoming album next week. According to reports, Shyne will drop the single next Tuesday (April 13th) and is collaborating with Scott Storch, who is rumored to be producing the majority of the album. The album, which is the […]

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“I have come here to stand by Shyne and to officially kick off our partnership with Island Def Jam Music Group and Gangland Records and so it is really an honor to be here, really very special place.” As previously reported, the media was abuzz with news that Shyne had allegedly inked a seven figure […]

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Being released from prison four months ago, Shyne’s return to rap was sidetracked when immigration took it upon itself to have him deported back to Belize. Since then, Po has been fighting to obtain residency in the United States while being barred from areas such as the United Kingdom due to his criminal past. These […]

Moses Michael Leviy, formerly known as Shyne, has had a year filled with nothing less of ups and downs. He was released from jail after serving nearly nine years in prison for that infamous shooting but his moment quickly became bittersweet after he was deported to Belize. Now as he readies his new life in […]

“I went down when my co-defendant told on me and my life was over as a musician.  To get ten years, that’s like a death sentence.  That’s like going to death row and them injecting me with lethal injection but that’s life.  I move on.” While Shyne Po may be hated on by the U.S. […]


“Nobody’s perfect and a lot of us grow up in imperfect situations, as myself, and our lives continue to be imperfect, but there are no excuses.” Life after prison has been quite the road for rapper Shyne.  Shortly after being released from prison having served almost a decade, he was quickly swept up by immigration […]