Dallas Cowboys linebacker Rolondo McLain is reportedly 40 pounds overweight and addicted to codeine and Sprite aka “purple drank.”

Chance The Rapper has linked up with New Era to redesign the classic Chicago White Sox hat. There are three versions of the cap, all which borrow elements from all three of their iconic logos.

Will Smith‘s role in Concussion looks powerful, to say the least. The trailer for the film dropped today, giving us a first look at Smith playing a Nigerian doctor who discovered a link between excessive head trauma and mental illness in NFL players.

Monday we all learned that the NFL essentially banned players for wearing Beats By Dre headphones due to having their own deal with BOSE. It brings to mind complaints about players calling the NFL the “No Fun League.”

Little Ballers –– executive produced by Lupe Fiasco and New York Knicks player Amar’e Stoudemire –– will air on Nickelodeon, Nov. 26 at 9PM EST.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice is undertaking a legal fight in an attempt to appeal his indefinite suspension from the NFL. Rice’s impetus for the appeal are claims from his side that the tape showing him striking his then-fiancee was edited.

Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has been on a steady fall from grace after a longer version of the video of the player’s domestic dispute with his wife surfaced. As one can imagine, Rice’s pockets are a lot slimmer all of a sudden and his losses continue to mount.

In one of the more bizarre stories to cross our paths recently, a Ghanaian soccer player was arrested for allegedly leading a group of men to beat a journalist last week. The reason? The reporter supposedly asked the player if he sacrificed a missing rapper as part of a ritual. Yes, we’re confused too.

Hanna Strong, a soccer player at Syracuse University, was identified by local media outlets as a woman caught on video saying racist and homophobic slurs over the weekend. The college has suspended Strong, and there has been some reaction from former and current players.

Athletes aren’t tied down to their names. Look at Metta World Peace. He started as Ron Artest and now he wants to be called “The Panda Friend” (that one’s only temporary though).


UPDATE (9-8-14): Footage of the knock out punch inside the elevator has been released. Back in February, Ray Rice and his then fiancee, Janay Palmer, were spotted getting into an altercation on video and it looked he knocked her unconscious in an Atlantic City hotel elevator. The NFL will be suspending the star running back for […]

Homeboy Sandman, regarded as one of the more gifted and brilliant rappers in the game, also moonlights as a columnist of strong opinion and thought. The Stones Throw rapper took aim at the Donald Sterling controversy in a new piece, using an attention-grabbing angle of calling Blacks cowards in response to Los Angles Clippers team response […]