The Darkside 3

Yesterday, Fat Joe began serving a four-month sentence for tax evasion. However, the veteran MC released The Darkside 3 mixtape to keep his name ringing in the streets during his skid bid. From that, fans receive a visual for the intro.

Fat Joe, who unfortunately is due to report to jail for tax evasion on Monday, August 26, drops a new mixtape titled The Darkside 3 just before he starts his bid.

Fat Joe  drops yet another viral video, this time for a cut called “Ceilings To The Sky.”

Looks like Fat Joe isn’t going to let some serious troubles with the tax man hinder his rap career, for now. The Bronx rapper drops a video for “Angels Say 2” off his forthcoming The Darkside 3 album.

Do any rappers pay their taxes on time? Apparently not. Fat Joe is the latest to own up to not paying the government a portion of his multi-million dollar fortune.

It’s been about a month since Fat Joe dropped his last record, “Yellow Tape,” so this is a bit overdue. Joe Crack’s latest single is called “Angels Sing 2,” and it’s a keeper