Kobe Bryant has been known as the “Black Mamba” since his playing days with the Los Angeles Lakers. The future NBA Hall of Fame shoo-in is currently battling a pharmaceutical company over the rights to the iconic nickname.

Beyoncé is still in the middle of an odd legal tussle regarding the use of her daughter Blue Ivy‘s name by a wedding planner who believes she has rights to do so. The Houston singer is refusing to hand over documents and private texts between her husband Jay-Z and mother Tina Lawson that the wedding […]

The fashion brand that The Notorious B.l.G. made famous is coming for their coin. Hip-Hop’s favorite sweater design is now the subject of a high-priced lawsuit.

Late last year, Jay-Z found himself in the middle of a trademark case involving the Roc Nation logo brought by the Iconix Brand. Hov noted that the arbitration panel didn’t feature one Black person and demanded diversity, which was granted to the business mogul and rapper in court recently.

Kobe Bryant is in the midst of a trademark clash over the company trying to use his “Black Mamba” nickname for one of their products. In recent court maneuvers, Bryant’s legal team says that if the company attempts to get the retired NBA great to testify, they’ll get hit with the Lil Wayne Heisman.

Rihanna is accused by a clothing company for ripping off their logo, although the reasoning looks a bit thin based on what’s been presented. Freedom United believes that its “FU” logo is too similar to Rihanna’s “Fenty University” logo from Puma and seeking damages.

Lil Wayne found himself running into a legal hurdle after attempting trademark the name “New Dirty Bastard” for branding and merchandising purposes. The estate of Ol’ Dirty Bastard believes the name infringes on the Wu-Tang Clan swordsman’s legacy and could damage upcoming marketing plans linked to the late rapper.

Kanye might have a legal fight in his hands so his name stays his name. A Chinese company has trademarked his brand for apparel items.

Beyoncé is probably the last person you’d want to try and get over by using her namesake, considering she is one of the world’s biggest superstars. A Texas merchandise company by the name of Feyoncé has been selling goods with the altered name, prompting Queen Bey to launch a lawsuit citing trademark infringement.