11-Year Old Tries To Eliminate The N-Word


A prolific 11-year old boy is making headlines for his bold speech on one of ...

A prolific 11-year old boy is making headlines for his bold speech on one of the most controversial words in American culture. Jonathan E. McCoy is a gifted child that's speaking out against people's use of the N word. He's receiving national praise and acclaim for his youthful words of wisdom, even receiving a Presidential award signed by Barack Obama.

The pre-teen gave a speech at Empowerment Church in Baltimore called “The New Petition”. The riling speech was presented before 1500 congregants and was focused on eliminating the N-word from common vernacular. The young man made his plea to the congregation saying:

“Unfortunately this misinterpretation of our heritage has been perpetuated among our own race. Rather than obliterate this disrespectful term we have adapted it as a cultural phrase. You've heard it, “What's up my n-word?” Or maybe you've said it, “Get out my face n-word.”So why have we taken this word to use it in our everyday language to communicate to or about ourselves? Let me dispel the myth, as a people we are neither economically, politically, nor socially disenfranchised…..So I'm petitioning you to join me in deleting this word from our vocabulary as a people, as a nation and as a world.”

Well said young man. Well said.

Since delivering the speech the young boy has been working with Morehouse College's Student Housing department on a new campaign to eliminate sagging pants, cursing and use of the N-word on the college campus.

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