Erykah Badu Reportedly Filming Reality Show With Her Baby Daddy [Photos]




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  • N8

    I personally wouldnt watch it and i doubt it will have good rating

  • gg

    ebadu would never do such...all lies...

  • Phoenix

    I thought she was still with Jay Electronica. There are articles out from two weeks ago that talk about them still being together after 5 years. This sounds strange. I'm not buying it.

  • Toshiana

    I dont believe this n d o c is her middle child father rumor has it that she is wit the last child (mars) father (jay electronica) so i wont believe it until i c it

  • Kapri

    erykah has more-more than enough money

    No need for a reality show

    Her personality is precious and beautiful . Erykah does not need to display her confused lifestyle - not appealing
    The way she had children for so many different men was unnecessary

    A true artist from the heart and all expression

  • ¢erah Bell.M 360°

    Ohh idk what rock u live under but welcome to 2012 BADU is #real at least she's bold enough to show her kids nd not try and hide them.. yea they all got different daddy's so ur point is.. smh u probably like nikki manaj ..lls

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