The 25 Best Rapper/Producer Duos In Hip-Hop [PHOTOS]


The Clipse and The Neptunes Hits: "Grindin," "Mr. Me Too," "When The Last Time"

The Clipse and The Neptunes

Hits: "Grindin," "Mr. Me Too," "When The Last Time"

  • RJ

    Ummm....where's Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth??? #2 right behind Gangstarr IMHO. Cypress Hill and Muggs wasn't too shabby neither.

  • scooter

    What da hell happened to ORGANIZED NOIZE and the DUNGEON FAMILY!!!!!!

  • Jay

    Marley Marl & Big Daddy Kane?

  • archie

    No pimp c and bun b?????

  • rosamo

    bone thugs & dj Uneek, Pac & Johnny J.........

  • truth

    the fact that Eric B and Rakim aren't on this list is a problem

  • gmxlee

    This List is Stupid!!! Whoever made this list doesnt know REAL HIP-HOP and probably listens to Power 106 all day!! haha... NOOB!!

  • KBergrayn

    Nas & Premo? 50 & Dre? Lupe & Soundtrakk? J Dilla & Tribe?

  • Doc

    Happened to Diddy and BIG?

  • Jahbari Townsend

    Twista & The Legendary Traxster? Mobb Deep?

  • Ceejay B. Walker

    Harry Fraud and Action Bronson!!

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