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Homeboy Sandman Calls Blacks “Cowards” Over Donald Sterling Controversy


Homeboy Sandman, regarded as one of the more gifted and brilliant rappers in the game, also moonlights as a columnist of strong opinion and thought. The Stones Throw rapper took aim at the Donald Sterling controversy in a new piece, using an attention-grabbing angle of calling Blacks cowards in response to Los Angles Clippers team response to the racist allegations.

On Sunday before their contest with the Golden State Warriors, the Chris Paula and Blake Griffin-led Clippers turned their practice jerseys inside out and played without enthusiasm and allowing the best of seven series to be tied two games a piece. Homeboy Sandman makes mention of this in his column, which seems to categorize the Clippers’ efforts as underwhelming by his own standards. The rapper also says he doesn’t want Black people at this shows that don’t embody is style of revolutionary spirit.

From Gawker:

That’s why I don’t want black people at my events anymore. Athletes that could refuse to perform until a killer is arrested, even until a killer is convicted, who instead opt for taking a picture where they all have their hoods on and then carrying on with business as usual: I don’t want to be surrounded be these clowns. If you’re black, or white, and you go back to work after finding out that your boss is grossed out at the idea of being in the same vicinity with any black person except for the cutie he’s sugar daddy to, I’m pretty sure you’re not who I want in my corner during crunch time. Real crunch time. Life crunch time.

Homeboy Sandman states in his column that these protests undertaken by athletes in response to other tragic and race-fueled events, like the Trayvon Martin case, undersells what he feels should be a larger and more focused level of action. Blasting the adage of these public figures needing to “feed their families,” Homeboy Sandman’s column is a well-intended but blustery display of self-importance.

If Homeboy Sandman wants to rally against the specter of racism, he’s welcome to do so on terms that fit his ideological stance. But to blast the Clippers for their unified protest while still attempting to bring a win to fans that supported the team during its many dog years just rings short of hatred. Instead of using his visible platform to offer guidance to the Clippers or anyone seeking a way to express their feelings regarding Sterling’s alleged racism, he takes the low road of sensationalism with a heavy side of hubris.

But of course, there’s something “deep” we’re supposed to glean from the column. Sadly, it gets lost in all the hot air blasting you in the face.

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  • jman 75

    This guy is right most black who work 9 to 5 have to swallow this type of racism. But its sad when you have millionaires who roll over and take it

  • YouAlreadyKnow!

    Who’s homeboy sandman anyway? Smh

    • LMJ82

      Ugh, just b/c you don’t know who is, doesn’t make his opinion less valid or render it of less importance. :-/

      • YouAlreadyKnow!

        Nooo I think you got it twisted.. I really was asking…WHO is he?? I’ve really never heard of him!!

      • LMJ82

        Cool. Gotcha. My bad. 😉

    • Phyuck Yiu

      Another ignorant rapper.

  • Belinda

    Shouldn’t this just be about what Homeboy Sandman said? I don’t come to this site for editorial articles.

  • Beitme

    He’s right though. A lot could changed so much if these influential people took a stance for something.